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Why Generic Viagra From India?
The cost! Price is still the main reason American and European customers are drawn to Indian pharmacy. A person can easily obtain safe and legitimate generic drugs such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra from India.

Why is the price of pharmaceuticals so low in India?
It totally depends on where you come from. Given the currency exchange rate, $1 to 40 Indian Rupees, pharmaceuticals at Indian Pharmacy may seem cheap to an American customer who pays in dollars. But for an Indian, pharmaceuticals can amount to a good sum of their monthly income.
Another reason the price is so low is due to the fact that the Indian government widely accepts generic pharmaceutical drugs. In 1970, the Indian Government assessed the economic situation of the country and the prevalent GDP in India, after which it formed the 1970 patent act that allowed the manufacturing of generic variants of drugs that are still under patent protection in the United States. According to Indian law, as long as the generic form of the drug was manufactured using slightly different methods, it was legal. This allows India to process patents and does not grant product patents to pharmaceuticals.

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